Roof Replacement in Pecan Grove Texas.


Hello, I’m Matt Dravis with Trinity Roofing and Restoration. Doing a little roof replacement in Pecan Grove, Texas part of Richmond, Texas. out here for a young lady who thought she had damage but wasn’t sure what was going on there.

There was a hail storm that came through here so I’m out here this morning helping the guys get started, talking to neighbors, and figuring out what we need to do to help her get her roof started. We’re going to get the roofing and gutters done over this weekend.

But we are here in Pecan Grove ’cause she didn’t know if she had any roof damage, we got up on the roof checked it out, sure enough, she’s got damaged. We had her insurance out here work through that whole process and now we are getting her roof covered for her.

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Her roof was 26 years old so she knew she was losing property value. All of her other neighbors were getting new roofs and she wasn’t because she’d be the only one without a new roof and at 26 years old it’s not going to last much longer in our environment.

She was going to have to pay out of pocket, and she’s thinking about selling the home which was even going to be worse because she’s either going to lose value in the sale or lose value having to pay for it out of pocket. Some way or another she was going to lose value because she’s not maintaining the property, and you know if she doesn’t get it done now, she can have other leaks later. So we’re able to help her out solve all of those issues, get her insurance to cover the cost of the roof replacement in Pecan Grove, Texas actually the gutters as well. That way she does not have to worry about it.

So, as you can see the guys are up there getting started on the tear-off, and materials are on their way. We get all the stuff ready to dry it in so that if we do have one of those famous Texas Thunderstorms that pop up here this afternoon it is all dried in is covered.

But we’re in Pecan Grove, Texas so if you guys think you might have roof damaged or seeing all your neighbors getting their new roofs put up, different things going on, and you want another person checking out for you.

Maybe you haven’t had anyone check it out for you and you’re not sure if you’ve got damage, you’re not sure what’s going on with it, you’re not sure how the insurance process works. We do a free digital analysis, will send somebody over to meet you and greet you and hop up on your roof to take a look at it for you.

We’ll see what you got, what you don’t have if you got damaged will teach you about the insurance process and educate you on there and let you see what it’s like. What you need to do as a homeowner, how you have to protect your property according to your insurance policy.

You know generally speaking an insurance company forces you to mitigate any of your risk of loss or any of the current losses already gotten. So if you’ve got anything that’s leaking and you’re not sure what to do about it, call us to let us know.

You know I’m here in the neighborhood, I’ve got a couple of other meetings today but we’re going to be out here. So if you want an inspection this weekend and get your free digital analysis and report let us know we’ll be here.

I’ll keep you updated with the progress with this one, show you how it goes, and let you know what else we’re doing out here in Pecan Grove, Texas.

You’ll have a great morning!

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