Commercial Roofing Walkthrough

My name is Matt. I am with Trinity Roofing and Restoration.
We are up here on this project in Missouri City doing a walkthrough and a scope for the client to see if there’s anything wrong with this roof.

Commercial Roofing Walkthrough in Missouri City, TX.

We’ve already found some things on this roof that shouldn’t be here.

Stuff that can be stepped on, penetrate holes in the roof, and so we’re going to walk the rest of this thing and see what else is going on.

They’ve got leaks!

The clients have called and said that they needed someone to come out and do an inspection to figure out where the leaks are and solve the problem.

So we’re going to walk through this roof and figure out what else going on.

Matt with Trinity Roofing and Restoration. Call: 281-782-7116

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Commercial Roofing Missouri City, TX

Commercial Roofing WalkthroughCommercial Walkthrough Missouri City, TX