▪ Sales Associate Position Description
▪ Sales Associate Job Duties & Responsibilities
▪ Sales Associate Other/Admin Responsibilities

Position Description:

The Sales Associate’s (SA) Mission is to work in the field, running company leads, referrals, as well as prospecting and cold calling, performing property inspections, signing contracts, meeting insurance adjusters, writing and providing estimates (when applicable), and .formally contracting the job to generate sales and contractual revenue for the Company.

The SA Sales Duties are broken up into 3 distinct areas:
Phase I
– Prospecting, Cold Calling, Selling, performing Property Inspections, and Inking Contingency and/or Service Agreements, assisting Property Owners in the insurance claim process after storms and/or catastrophic events.
Phase II
-Meeting insurance adjusters, scoping the project, creating a scope of work/damages with the insurance company, formally contracting the job with Property Owners using a set of build contracts, and turning the job into the office to build.
Phase III
-Estimating and Supplementing, learning a variety of advanced roofing systems, and how to sell and estimate other relevant exterior and interior trades (siding, gutters, windows, paint, as well as other interior-related trades) if applicable. Assisting the Company in the collection of any progress payments, and/or final checks from the Property Owner.

Position Responsibilities

Phase I Sales Associate (SA) Responsibilities:
• Maintain optimal level of positivity both in the field and the office. We call it PMA or Positive Mental Attitude. It is almost impossible to be successful at sales without PMA.
• Work independently in the field, scouting storm-affected areas, prospecting, and cold calling potential property owners setting up property inspections, estimates, and pitching the Company as a resource to assist the Property Owner during the insurance claim process if the damage is found during Roof and Property Inspection.
Performing roof and property inspection to determine the scope of damage on all exteriors and interiors of the property. This inspection will require the use of a camera, IPAD or iPhone to document the damage and any areas of the property affected by storm or cat events. This will also require a working vehicle, a valid Driver’s license, and the ability to use a ladder to inspect the roof and other exterior trades on a given property.
• Walking the Property Owner through the insurance claim process and getting a commitment to work with the Company through getting either Contingency/Service Agreement/AOB/AOC or other relevant legal forms signed with the Property Owner.
• These activities are generally considered 1/3 of the weighted average of the Company Sales Commissions on a given job or project.

Phase II Sales Associate (SA) Responsibilities:
• Meeting the insurance adjuster or any 3rd party on the property to agree/confirm the scope of damage and working with the insurance adjuster to agree on a line item estimate using Xactimate or a similar estimating program to come to an agreement on the price of the repair, roofing, or property restoration project.
• After an agreed scope of work (and often a price) is ascertained, formally contracting the project directly with the Property Owner using a company approved set of build Contracts to include, but not limited to:
-Formal Construction Agreement or Contract
-Detailed Scope of Work
-Mortgage Affidavits
-Preliminary Pricing Detail (PPD Sheet)
-Pre-Lien Notices (if required by the state)
-General Contractor O&P Letter
-Pre-Start Checklist
• Turn in a complete and “buildable” Job File with all the above documents and build contracts at an acceptable contract price and profit margin so the Company can complete the repair, roofing or restoration project.
• These activities are generally considered 1/3 of the weighted average of the Company Sales Commission on a given job or project.

Phase III Sales Associate Responsibilities:
• Execute estimating and supplementing techniques per Xactimate or another company-approved estimating program (unless the Company does not require) to improve profit margins on the jobs you turn in, ensuring health profit margins of 30%-50%+ for the Company.
• Assist Production, when required, during the production of the job or project. For example, getting necessary change orders signed, or checking on the job during the build to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Assisting the Accounts Receivable Department, when required, to pick up any progress payments, monies for change orders, or supplements during the production of the job, and assisting when needed, the pickup and collection of any final checks.
• These activities are generally considered 1/3 of the weighted average of the Company Sales Commission on a given job or project.

Other/Admin Sales Associate Responsibilities:

1. Providing accurate information, changes, feedback on customers, leads, and other relevant information to the Company, the Company CRM, as well as any Sales Managers, Sales Coordinators, Field Trainers, Owners, in the chain of command.
2. Participate in company safety meetings, sales meetings, or training meetings to advance any necessary learning/training to improve as a Sales Associate.
3. Watch and test out on the SVG U Virtual Training Platform: Phase I, II, and III Sales Associate Courses in the time allotted by the Company to complete said training. This industry-specific training is one of the keys to your long-term success as an industry Sales Associate.
4. Keep the Production and Accounts Receivable Department aware of any changes in your jobs, or customer demands, change orders, or other pertinent information.
5. Ensure jobs sold and contacted achieve a minimum gross profit margin of 30%
6. Turn in Pay Requests on time per the Company pay request/payroll schedule.
7. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) at the Company, with Customers, and treat other Sales Associates and Managers with respect.
8. Sales Associates should attempt to achieve a MINIMUM of $100,000 in monthly contracted sales, that is actual Jobs Turned in to Build (during the peak selling months of March to November). Sales Associate understands that achieving shooting for and achieving this minimum monthly threshold would equate to approximately $1M in revenue in a calendar year, which should be the goal, target, and quest of every industry Sales Associate, if not much higher.
9. Other duties as assigned.

Compensation Terms

Sale Associate Compensation Terms – See Company Independent Contractor Agreement, Compensation Agreement, or Hiring Agreement, and Company-specific Pay Plans for Sales Associates.

Employment Terms

Trinity Roofing and Restoration may require additional documentation, testing, drug testing, criminal background, etc., or other requirements.