A new roof replacement is a serious matter that no one should put off. The majority of roof collapses can cause death or, at the very least, serious injury. The fact is that, for the most part, a roof will not spontaneously collapse.

There are many signs before a roof collapse that show you need a new roof replacement. Unfortunately, some homeowners ignore these warning signs, and the work that could have prevented the roof from falling in, such as roof replacement, is not done.

That’s why we wanted to take some time to discuss the signs that it’s time for you to get a roof replacement. Before diving in, let’s discuss the lifespan of a roof.

What is the Lifespan of a Roof?

The average lifespan of most typical roof materials is 30 years, of course, some types can endure up to 100 years (copper tiles) but are quite expensive to have placed. Those who maintain their roof can prolong their lifetime by quite a lot, as most professional roof cleaning services have the tools needed to keep your roof healthy.

What happens if you ignore your roof’s maintenance? Then you will begin to see some signs that will require urgent attention. Let’s take a look at some of the most common.

Warning Signs You Need a New Roof Replacement

Construction companies usually make roofs out of nine common materials.

  • Rubber
  • Copper
  • Asphalt
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Stone

Despite all of them being very different materials, they all will share roof deterioration warning signs in particular ways. Of course, depending on the environment, some symptoms may be worse than others. For example, the scorching summer weather in Texas contributes to roof damage.

Leaky Roof

Leaks are perhaps the most serious sign that you need a roof replacement. The water leaking from the roof will reach your ceiling and weaken its structure. You can detect that a leak is forming by looking at the ceiling of your home. Look out for dark streaks or stains around the ceiling.

If you have an attic, be sure to investigate there first, as it may take some time for the leak to appear on the ceiling. If you suspect a leak, then be extra careful when inspecting, as the water may have weakened the ceiling.

Act quickly after noticing a leaky roof, as it can lead to critical water damage in your entire home. Moisture in the walls will begin to create harmful mold or mildew. Mold and mildew are severe health hazards, so as soon as you notice a leaky roof, search for a roof replacement company near you!

Algae or Moss Growth

It may seem like algae or moss is solely a cosmetic issue, but that’s far from the truth. The formation of algae or moss on our roof is not a good sign, as they eat away the roof material to the point of damaging it. Luckily, if dealt with promptly, a professional can remove it, thus avoiding any more damage.

What Causes Algae or Moss to Grow?

Algae or moss grow when excess condensation remains on your roof, and it doesn’t get an opportunity to dry out. Once algae or moss begins to form, it will make it even more challenging for the roof to dry as they retain a lot of water. Once the roof’s material starts to rot, you’ll have no choice but to contact a restoration company and get a roof replacement cost.

Excessive Amount of Granules in the Gutters

Missing granules are an inevitable sign that your roof is losing its weatherproofing properties. As you can imagine, if it loses its weatherproofing aspect, then water will begin to leak into the ceiling, which is a hazardous situation! Luckily, replacing roof shingles is not a difficult job if only a few need replacement.

The most obvious way of noticing this warning sign is by observing your gutters, particularly after a rainy day. As a roof concludes its life cycle, it will lose these granules (crushed rock and minerals). You can also look at your downspout splash pan for granules as the water will push it through the gutters there.

Sunlight Getting Through the Roof

Another obvious sign that you need a new roof replacement is if you see sunlight coming through your roof. Sunlight means that the roof planks have started to rot, the reason being that your shingles may be missing or damaged. This usually happens if your roof is old or you have never properly maintained it.

You need a new roof replacement, not only a roof repair.

Replacing roof shingles will not always fix the problem as the rotting has already begun. Be careful when checking for rotting planks as they may collapse easily. It’s advisable to contact a professional roofing and restorative company to check for damage.

Damaged Roof Flashing

Usually, vents, chimneys, and skylights have something called roof flashing around them. The roof flashing is made out of metal, and it prevents water from entering your roof. After some time, the flashing will begin to crack or wear out, leaving holes that water can get into easily.

This will lead to a leaky roof and, ultimately, water damage. As we mentioned before, once water damage begins, you’ll need a roof replacement. Replacing the roof flashing is easy if you have only a small amount on your roof. If you have a lot of roof flashing, it would be best to contact a professional.

As Soon as You See Any Signs, get a New Roof Replacement.

Having a damaged roof is a safety hazard for you and those around you. So don’t hesitate and contact a roof replacement company as soon as you can. Roof replacement cost is not as high as you may think, and it will be a lot cheaper than having to replace damage in the interior of your home if the roof collapses!

If you require a professional roofing and restoration company, contact Trinity Roofing & Restoration today! We perform a detailed inspection of your roof and give you the best solution. We also pay special attention to our work’s quality and details as we want you to live under a safe roof.