The primary duty of the Roof Technician will be minor to major roof repairs as well as complete handyman-type tasks. As such the Roof Technician should be versed in the following:
• Understand how materials and roofing systems go together and come apart in order to complete repairs to existing roofing systems.
• Knowledge of various types of roofing systems
• General inspections/scope of work for potential repairs/replacements
• Survey existing roof conditions, prepare comprehensive inspection reports and provide accurate cost estimates/proposals for recommended small-scope repairs.
• Must be able to troubleshoot leaks and think independently to problem solve.
• Locating worn or torn areas in roofs that may cause leak areas.
• Identify, locate, document, and advise on roof system deficiencies and issues.
• Make emergency repairs when and as needed to satisfy customer needs
• Must demonstrate attention to detail
• Must be comfortable with being on rooftops [with heights] and meet the physical demands of this position.
• Climbing and operating on ladders, able to handle at least 100 lbs.
• Safe operation of tools of the trade (hand tools, power tools, etc.)
• Work outside in a wide variety of weather conditions and to meet the physical demands of the position, including mobility needed to complete tasks.
• Conducting general inspections/scope of work for potential repairs/replacements
Working in a safe manner that complies with OSHA safety standards.
• Comprehensive and accurate record-keeping – time and materials, photos, roof condition surveys, measurements, etc.
• Additional tasks as assigned.

Interpersonal Skills

• Represent the company and interact with others in an honest, ethical, and professional manner at all times.
• Clearly communicate changes and progress
• Interact and work well with owners, customers, co-workers, managers, and inter-office personnel, etc.
• Ability to be detailed-oriented, resourceful, and follow directions.
• Ability to work well with others in a collaborative team environment.
• Ensure timely professional, courteous response to customers.
• Must be adaptable to constantly changing environments and workplaces.
Education and Qualifications High school diploma or G.E.D. and above. The ability to read and perform basic math is important to help you progress and safely perform your job. The Roof Technician will take training offered by the manufacturer of the product and system that they will be installed as needed.
• Strive to build upon and improve knowledge and skills!


• Fall Protection (Goat/Ridge Pro)
• Hand Tools
• Cougar Paws
• Chalk
• Reliable transportation
• Smartphone (with internet access)
• iPad or Laptop
• Strong communication skills
• Time management skills
• Proficiency with computer/tablet/phone apps
• Customer service skills