Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage can rapidly extend to the rest of your property if you don’t mitigate the risk promptly.

Give Solid Protection Against Hurricane Damage to Your Property

The first defense of your property, whether residential or commercial, is your roof. It takes all the abuses of heavy rain, hail, wind, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. These climatic conditions can cause considerable damage to your property if you do not have reliable roofing.

Trinity Roofing and Restoration offers quality roofing solutions for hurricane damage repair. Our team of professional and experienced roofing specialists restores the damage using state-of-the-art solutions in the quickest possible time. It also educates you on navigating your insurance claim.

Hurricane Damage
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Partnering with us for your roofing repair and safety means that you have a dependable and expert company to handle hurricane damage.

We give our best to bring back your roofing system in its perfect shape.

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Rapid Emergency Response

If a hurricane causes sudden damage to your roof, immediately give us a call. Our emergency response team reaches you quickly to provide a temporary solution for preventing further roof damage due to bad climate conditions. We document the proof of the damage so you can use to file your insurance claims.

Detailed Inspections

After clearance of weather, our expert team performs a detailed inspection of your roof for any signs of damage or roofing failure due to fallen debris, high winds, and hail storm. On this basis, we develop the most suitable solution that restores your roofing to its top condition.

Roofing Repair & Restoration

As a result of hurricane damage, your roof is likely to need repair and restoration. We are professional roofing contractors who use cutting-edge roofing techniques and superior quality materials to repair and restore your roof.

Our 3 Simple Step Process


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Step 3

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Our Hurricane Damage Services include the following

  • Emergency Tarping and Repairs
  • Damage Assessment
  • Documentation of damages with photos to submit to your insurance carrier

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