Hi, everyone Matt with Trinity Roofing Restoration here. One of the other things we’re going to look at is prior repairs.
If anybody else has been up on the roof doing other repairs, we want to make sure that they’re still in good order, and most importantly still working and functioning.

Here It looks like probably some water coming off this brick wall, probably getting in behind the membrane here of the modified and going down into the tenant area below, and doesn’t look pretty, but it’s done its job.

What we’re more concerned with are places where the modified is no longer sticky. So, when we see that brings us cause for concern therefore we’re going to look at it a little further. We will see if there’s anything we need to do and see if it needs to be touched up, see if maybe it’s come off up here, or maybe there’s water behind it.

A lot of the time on the rest of the roof If it’s coming up, it’s sure signs of moisture penetration and we want to solve that issue.

Commercial Roofing Repairs Trinity Commercial Roofing Repairs

We don’t have to be the first roofer on your roof, but will probably be the last. That way it’s done and resolve for you, and you’re not going to have to call anybody else.

But if you guys have prior commercial repairs that maybe aren’t working in, or the solution isn’t sticking then give us a call!

We’ll put it in our maintenance program and come out and take a look during our initial scope and figure out what’s going on for you.

Matt with Trinity Roofing and Restoration.
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